Saturday, 21 January 2012

Image//Type as Image//Brass Rubbing//Screenprinting.

(All images sourced from Google Image links)

More research for my type as image module brief- this time looking at metallic paint screenprint poster designs to form inspiration for my 'Brass Rubbing' design outcomes- being a possible method of delivery I am considering for the final design- the visual communication of the golden brass being such a strong visual connection.
A great fan of the screenprinting traditional print process on the whole, though not quite as experienced with the process as I would like, one of my consistent favourite styles of screenprinted poster are metallic- colour palette designs, such as the visual examples shown above and below.
In the case of the metallic colours on black- I think this colour palette would work wonderfully for my own designs, showcasing a bold, high-impact typeface to visually represent the robust nature of the metal and it's associated uses- through brass band instruments, DIY and household design and ornamental design and accesories- such as highly decorative plates, candle- holders, sculptures, etc.

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