Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Design Production for Digital//Top 10//Cartoon Network Idents.

Looking at more research examples of existing idents targeted at a child audience for inspiration in creating my own ident designs for my Design Production for Digital brief, 'Top 10... things you didn't know about penguins'. 
Cartoon Network are famed for their fun, playful idents and are a great source for looking at how a story is told through an ident- even at a very short time frame- something I particularly want to play up upon in my own designs- having a clear distinction from one another, yet visually and aesthetically reasonably consistent (in terms of colour scheme, character design, etc).
One thing I particularly noticed in these designs in the use of sound effects- really played upon to personify the 'C' and 'N' cube characters in the series of idents- something I would definitely have liked to experiment more with- perhaps even still time- might work in my title sequence?
See my Design Practice blog for more design developments and progress throughout the Design Production for Digital module.

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