Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Design Production for Digital//Top 10//DVD cases.

Just researching a few sources for further inspiration and design development for my DVD packaging case- one of the requirements to go alongside our digital work on Wednesday's module hand in- taking particular inspiration from existing designs targeted at my proposed age target audience, of 5-11 year olds.

From my initial designs (which can be found on my Design Practice blog)- I wanted to emphasise the rounded, geometric vector shapes in my motion graphics designs by using the spherical shape of a standardised CD/DVD round case as a surface for a vinyl sticker/print of my penguin character's face- though perhaps a little too simple and not interactive and fun enough- would need to be part of a larger design to add any real interest.

Perhaps a little too young (more ages 3-7?) though I like the idea of the handle- that a child can carry it to and from places, with a sense of authority- making it that little more special and tactile- will try and incorporate this into some designs.

There's some really jazzy stuff out there! Perhaps a little impractical for shelf-stacking in your standard video and DVD rental store or retailer, but a great novelty item- I really like this idea- perhaps it could work with a spherical shape for my penguin head, with the DVD case inside? Interactive, fun, playful, and not too difficult to construct either... bingo.

LOVE this presentation- simple, but the fold detail and the foil blocking on the box sleeve/jacket add a real sense of prestige to an otherwise quite basic design- makes it look as if it's a special addition, without being too excessive/over the top.

Again, two more examples of great "fold-out" designs- interactivity and informative text, yet considered in it's layout, form, colour palette and general design- the Muse set (two images above) has great consistency- if I were to make several DVD designs (a series/range) this would be a definite source of inspiration- clean, 
crisp and minimal.

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