Thursday, 19 January 2012

Image//Editorial//'Relationship Maths: Facebook' Image Inspiration.

Some basic sources and ideas for potential concept and design development for the Image Editorial week-long brief- this particular article, 'Relationship Maths: Facebook', playing upon a numerical equation to work out the compatibility of your relationship (completely tongue-in-cheek, of course).
I started initially looking into mathematical imagery- geometric forms and looking at heart-shaped parabolas ('Cardioids', which are made by generating a rolling circle- see images at the top of the page ) as well as considering ideas in creating illustrative-vector geometry set hearts, etc. I then decided to go on to look more specifically at Facebook after realising that the 'Relationship Maths' was a set article, and it was the 'Facebook' element that made it unique- possibly looking at combining both the mathematical element along with the facebook/relationship imagery.

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