Friday, 27 January 2012

Image//Scale/Frame/Format//Eye Charts in Graphic Design.

Researching a few existing examples of how eye tests (our design outcome inspiration for this Scale/Frame/Format project) have been utilised within print and Graphic Design in unusual or creative ways. For this research, I searched Behance for a wide variety of designers and product resolutions. The only difference in my outcome is that the eye chart will be solely based on illustrative image detail- and not type, like the examples below. However, each has provided me with a source of inspiration in terms, particularly, of layout and format. 

Really clever concept of using the blurry type on this book jacket design- communicating a sense of confusion/lack of visibility- simple and effective. Really like the monochrome one-colour plus stock palette too- keeps it simple and relative to the traditional eye chart designs so it is clearly distinguished and understood.

This chart uses scale in a creative way- creating a reverse-pyramid like effect as the numbers get increasing smaller- showcasing the "foreseeable future" that the design communicates- not a great fan of the textured background with the crisp vector illustrative style, however- makes the design look a little unbalanced/not as aesthetically pleasing. 

Really clever eye chart design which highlights the anatomical features of typography in a clear, crisp, simple way. The two colours plus stock work really well here as a format and informative infographics- esque design. 

Here, a designer creates a set of printed business cards which play on the CMYK printing mode- and using a slightly offset printing overlay to create an almost three-dimensional stereoscopic look about it- again, using a simple, traditional format which I hope to utilise in my own designs to keep them clear, crisp, and easily communicated (for more of my design developments, see my Design Practice blog).

Again- a design showing just how effective a simple, structured format and minimal colours can be- a definite source of inspiration in my own designs with the hope of creating a minimalist, and clearly understood design.

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