Thursday, 5 January 2012

Design Production for Digital//Top 10...//Title Sequences.

Blogging a few more examples of motion graphics title sequences (as I did earlier in the 'Design Production for Digital' module with the 'Silent Movie' brief) to inspire my potential storyboard development and visual communication of my ideas for the proposed 'Top 10 things you need to know about...penguins' programme for children aged 5-11 on the CBBC channel. Below are a few examples of motion graphic title sequences from film.

Here, illustrator and designer David Shrigley uses his quirky and humorous style of drawing to convey a unique take on the title sequence for film 'Hallam Foe'. Complete with the 1980's soundtrack of Edwyn Collin's band, 'Orange Juice', the combination of the soundtrack and style create an "indie hip" look for the title sequence- clear from the start that the film will be a little tongue-in-cheek, and something out of the ordinary- full of whimsy and surprises along the way.

A clearly communicated and cleverly crafted title sequence for the film 'Thank You For Smoking', which utilises existing design in the form of cigarette box packaging to tie in with the central themes of the film- a wonderful blend of both contemporary and more traditional typefaces used in a creative mix, with a strong colour palette throughout. A simple idea, but one that works incredibly well.

The title sequence for the film noir- esque film is perhaps the most vivid communicator of a narrative throughout the design- with a clear style and message which tells the audience what to anticipate from the main feature itself. Again, a really strong colour palette is used, which helps to ensure an overall aesthetic consistency between the fast-paced, multiple key frame, busy action of the motion design throughout the sequence.

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