Saturday, 21 January 2012

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(All images sourced from Google Image links)

Looking for general image inspiration for my 'Brass Rubbing' quote for the type as image brief (the quote pulled from the 'Relationship Maths: Facebook' article we received last week- I wanted to work with something a little different!)- and looking at the general uses of brass to see how it could inspire potential concept and design development- currently considering screenprinting onto either a cloth- like fabric, gold metallic paint onto black card, or adding a gold flock finish onto black card for a velvet- like, tactile finish which would subtle resemble a cloth- like design and perhaps have a crisper, neater finish as a result- not sure if I would be able to access gold flock material before hand in on Thursday- worth researching asap!).
From my image research I have found that brass is general used for a small selection of purposes: through making brass instruments (trombone, trumpet, etc), DIY and security (nuts, bolts, hinges, etc) and through ornamental design such as candle- holders and collectable items- often being a less expensive and more accessible alternative to gold- however, the finish being a lot more matte and less "flamboyant" in it's shine- definitely something worth considering when creating my own design outcomes.

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