Friday, 27 January 2012

Image//Scale/Frame/Format//One colour screenprint posters.

A quick spot of research looking at one colour plus stock screenprinted designs- producing a simple design outcome to the one that I hope to achieve with my own final outcome for this project- showcasing how simplicity can often be the best resolution for a crisp, minimal and simple (yet high impact) design.

Love the mixture of typefaces and illustrative vector imagery in this design- and the colour palette is perfect- high impact, bright and attention grabbing whilst still remaining simple and sophisticated.

Great cameo illustration and a clever concepts- this design reminds me perhaps of a proposal book sleeve for Roald Dahl's 'James & The Giant Peach' with the rich, burnt orange colour against the cream- love the simplicity and it's effectiveness of visual communication- definitely the sort of style I am hoping to achieve in my 
own design.

Again, bold, simple, but very creative use and juxtaposition of type within this design- cleverly formatted and structured- a great reminder to myself to be experimental with my designs and not too rigid when generating my design outcome ideas and resolution.

A great example of how even highly-detailed design can still be easily legible, communicative and understood. For my particular object subject matter, socks, I don't feel that it will be necessary more detail than your standard pictogram illustrative style, however, it's a good reminder not to be afraid to experiment with patterns to help add character and diversity into my designs.

Truly simple and minimal- but it's because of that reason that I really like this design- with so little flourish, the design speaks for itself and is instantly understood- this is the sort of design that I hope to achieve. Also love the red and white colours- a colour scheme that I have, myself been considering for my final design outcome.

Great, bold, contemporary turquoise colour with reversed-out type- perhaps I could try white on red, as well as red on white for my designs? I need to stock up on stock.

Great texture and unique colour palette used in this one colour screenprint design- perhaps not as visually communicative as it would be using black and water (representing oil and water), though certainly less obvious- and great use of uppercase type for high impact (however, this will not, of course, be appropriate for my illustrative design outcome).

Again- a great source of inspiration in terms of generating patterns- I love this fairisle print- esque design- I would love to make patterns like these, and, again, wonderfully rich colour used- looking quite festive- definitely a colour I will be experimenting with in the generation of my design outcome.

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