Saturday, 28 January 2012

Design Production for Digital//Top 10//More 4 Ident & Rebrand.

Whilst looking for more examples of channel branding and idents, I came across the new ident and rebrand of the More4 channel and was really impressed by their new design, working alongside the 4Creative team.

"The More4 re-brand is centred around a bold flexible logo, created from multiple triangles that flip, fold, attract and repel each other into position. The re-brand extends to a whole new on-screen look, that includes five truly stunning new idents...
The series of idents 4Creative have produced feature real world installations, inspired by the new logo and the triangular shapes used to construct it.
Working in collaboration with pioneers in art installation design, Jason Bruges Studio, and students from Middlesex University, 400 moving flipper units were designed and built, based on the elements of the More4 logo.
The 400 mechanical units were transported from the studio to real environments, filmed at various locations including a windswept Dungeness beach, and a very damp Victoria Park, to create a family of unique live action idents that see the brand breaking out into the real world."

I really love the contemporary, geometric style of the idents- really crisp and modern- and a gorgeously bright selection of colours used in the flipper designs- which balance well with the bold gemoetric shapes for a formal, yet lively and memorable visual identity.

I'd really have loved to have worked with a logo/brand/channel like this in my own designs (as opposed to the rather ghastly CBBC logo...), though, of course, it wouldn't have been appropriate for my subject matter or audience- though definitely something to consider in the future for the potential of personal development work for my portfolio.

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