Friday, 27 January 2012

Image//Type as Image//Owen Gildersleeve.

As suggested by friend and fellow GD Image feedback friend, Steph, in yesterday's image feedback session, this morning I went on to look at the Illustrative and Typographic papercut design work of Owen Gildersleeve- a London-based YCN Agency represented designer, and was really delighted with what I found- with a beautifully hand-crafted series of design projects and outcomes with vibrant stocks and wonderfully illustrative typographic design which has got me feeling really inspired for my own personal freelance and design work- as well as the continued progress of my work throughout the image module.
The series of images below are from his papercraft and photographic set up for the Lactofree brand in which he demonstrates the "journey" for the "quest for dairy without the ouch".

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