Thursday, 26 January 2012

Image//Scale/Frame/Format//Eye Charts.

Beginning with the basic fundamentals of visual research for the image brief by looking at eye charts, and some of the varieties I would be interested in exploring and developing for my own designs- below, a selection of the standardised eye tests you would usually find in an Optician's office. Some really interesting compositions and layouts- personally, I am used to see the large-small scale triangle composition, so it's intriguing to see new designs which I could possibly explore- and beginning to generate my own designs by experimenting with a typographic chart on (though, of course, this brief is image based- with NO TYPE). 
Also below, a couple of pictogram designs- really clean, crisp and simple- just the sort of vector-based style I am hoping to achieve in my own designs (for more development and examples of my work, see my Design Practice blog).


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