Saturday, 21 January 2012

Image//Type as Image//Brass Rubbing//Types of cloth.

(Images sourced from various Google Images links)

A little unusual in terms of design context research- but looking at different types of brass polishing cloths as inspiration for potential screenprint design for my 'Brass Rubbing' type as image design outcome (the quote picked from the article 'Relationship Maths: Facebook... I wanted to work with something quite obscure!)
As I suspected, when researched, the cloths usually used for brass are the soft duster variety- not sure if I would be able to source any material to the A1 scale required in time- but definitely worth considering and enquiring about in the print room at Uni on Monday- could be quite an interesting visual outcome- if not, then my second option would be screenprinting/flocking print finish (to give a tactile, soft finish- again, something that would be quite appropriate for my cloth-like concept).

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