Monday, 23 January 2012

Image//Type as Image//Creative image making.

Looking at some slightly more unique and unusual ways to create illustrative/'type as image' typography for the research and concept development for the Image module's one week brief. Below, a selection of images pulled from various sources and links online which showcase some more or the creative and tactile ways of creating design for type and image with annotation and reflection of each the designs below.


Simple and subtle- the colour palette, textures and surrounding photographic elements really add to this type as image design- keeping it simple, yet effective.

Found this promotional three-dimensional design a few projects back, and still love the bold impact of using the recyclable cardboard material as a form of three-dimensional net type- simple in appearance, but a high level of skill must have been needed to created such a crisp curve and edge on the design- would be a great tool of visual communication for an ethical/sustainable-product-sourcing designer.


I really love this inventive range of designs and design concepts for type as image- as constructed from food- playful, bold, creative and wonderfully styalised, these designs show a real innovative way of thinking- and a playful style of design that I really aspire to one day achieve myself- definitely a method of production that I would really like to experiment with, given the appropriate brief, or, perhaps, to just play around with as a personal project one day.


The Tumblr hipster in me does love a good bit of neon type- always popular with fine artists, neon lighting combined with styalised, unique typography creates an often poignant and memorable piece of design- the 'de- light' design (middle picture post) being a great example of how creatively it can be used in methods of visual communication- not just as an aesthetic success, but also being a great play on words- an inspired concept.


With paper the possibilities are truly endless- a great potential for generating numerous designs and concepts- love the visual communication potential in these designs- particularly in the 'shredding is all about the details' image (directly above)- a really creative, playful design.


Coming from an Art & Design background before studying Graphics, with a specialism in Surface pattern design (and particularly embroidery design) stitched type really appeals to me in terms of production and aesthetic outcome- being able to achieve a really wide range of styles- from very traditional to ultra-modern and contemporary, dependent on the style of type created, the colour palette, and so on. Again- given the appropriate brief, it's definitely something I would like to return to one day- it can create a really unique and creative design outcome.

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