Friday, 20 January 2012

Image//Type as Image//Alex Trochut.

Alex Trochut is another great example of a Graphic Designer whom specialises in illustrative typography. First discovering his work through my love of The Rolling Stones, and seeing his album cover created for the band's CD/Vinyl edition, 'Rolled Gold', I became a great fan of his portfolio and his style of design- full of character, charisma, visual communication and strong concept development. 
Another one of my favourite designs by Alex Trochut is his print-based media work for Cadbury's (image at the bottom of the post) which uses the iconic Cadbury's Dairy Milk colour palette of purple and white to create a milk-like illustrative type with perfect form- particularly with his highlighting and shadows to give the letterforms more shape and liquid-like characteristics- some really cool, creative work- definitely a style that I will return to when creating my own designs as a source of inspiration.

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