Saturday, 21 January 2012

Image//Type as Image//Birds//Photographs of birds.

(Images sourced from various Google Images links)

More research for my type as image brief, and, in particular, the quote, 'It has nothing to do with the number of birds' (from the 'This column will change your life' article.). For my design concept, I am hoping to create a typographic A1 poster design- with the letterforms made up from illustrations of birds- particularly looking at British garden birds- such as the robin, sparrow, jay, bluetit, etc- birds that are reasonably small and have detailed and distinct wing patterns/textures, and so on.

As I will largely be working from photographs to re-create my images, here are a few photographic examples of British birds- the scale, as of yet, undetermined- and will later be dictated by the composition of my poster design, along with my typeface in which the illustrations will sit.

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