Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Image//The Guardian//Existing imagery for articles.

Before going on to create the final outcomes and design development for my editorial image work, I went on again to finalise my research for this weeks brief by looking at past examples of designs on the Guardian website (URL linked below) to inspire any new ideas or methods of delivery- looking at the particular columns we have been given (which are regular columns within the printed newspaper and online source)- and to see whether my designs and design concepts would be at home alongside these existing images.


Really bright, colourful and inventive imagery- love the combination of well-light studio photography and hand-crafted paper cut designs- really giving me food for thought as to whether my new concept for illustrative type is the right way to go? Definitely need, and want, to experiment with a few more design ideas (time permitting).


A slightly unusual combination for this column- a combination of hand- rendered illustration alongside (what looks a little like stock...) photography- unusual mix, which makes me feel that my own representation will work just fine in the eclectic variety of images from live brief designs, and published within both the newspaper and online.


Definitely the sort of work I was expecting to see in this column- wonderful, crisp illustrative vector style, with added character and a tactile- quality with textured stock overlays and opacities. The vibrant colours work wonderfully to attract the reader to what may otherwise be a slightly heavy and dense column of text- bold, solid colour is a sure- fire way to grab attention- some brilliant designs- really inspired to get started now!

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