Saturday, 21 January 2012

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For the 'Type as Image' brief, one of the important, specified details on the brief is to ensure that our created illustrative typeface is based on an existing typographic design- therefore, having researched some designs that I have found to particularly link to my concept and design ideas, I have gone on to look at a selection of four typefaces I feel could be appropriate as the basis for my new design:

- Chopin Script Medium
- Champignon
- Ecolier &
- Edwardian Script ITC

After analysing each of the typefaces, I feel that Chopin Script Medium is the most appropriate- with a lot of potnetial for development, and a great use of calligraphic detail and embellishment on the stroke, ascenders and descenders. All the development for this brief and design outcome will now be found on my Design Practice blog.

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