Friday, 20 January 2012

Image//Type as Image//Illustrative Image.

Looking at a general selection of illustrative type, (or 'type as image') for inspiration and concept development for the subject matter of this week's one-week brief outcomes- to create 3 x A1 type as image designs with text quotes pulled from the articles we were working on for last week's Image brief. The selection of designs below are sourced from various Google Images links - annotation and reflection from each image written below.

I really like the three- colour ribbon type created in this 'Believe and you shall achieve' motivational poster design- great shadowing and texture on the design has helped achieve the three-dimensional effect for this proposed London 2012 Olympics design- really high-impact and inspiring design- the visual communication and concept of integrating the medal ribbon into the typographic design is reall creative, yet subtle and simple.

A real mixture of textures- illustrative style and colour palette used in this design- and yet, somehow, it works wonderfully well together- with each of the words/sections of text having their own separate narrative and visual communication in terms of the illustrative style, with the changing factors as mentioned above. Great inspiration and a reminder to try and to experiment with blending typefaces and making them work alongside one another to increase the visual impact of the overall design. 

Really simple yet incredibly effective used of three-dimensional style typography (created in Cinema 4D, I think? Though at the moment still unfamiliar with the software programme)- could translate well into paper craft type as photographed three-dimensional type too. The colour palette is effectively kept simple to ensure that all the focus is on the message and visual communication of the word itself.

Great colour palette and use of texture in this design, which ensures that the overall illustrative type and illustration context is kept soft, simple, and feminine- a very elegant and considered ribbon typeface- the yellow/orange of the text works particularly well as a contrasting colour of the blue sky tones.

Beautifully decorative and delicate lines created in the illustration of these two letterforms- really light- reminds me of feathers? Good idea and inspiration source for one of my three quote- "It certainly has nothing to do with the number of birds"- subtle and elegant.

Here- a great example of how to keep the visual message simple, yet still incredibly effective in delivering it's message- the 'I' and 'S' of the 'Tie The Noose' message being the only illustrative letterforms in terms of the rope-like texture, though I think any more could have been "overkill" of the design- and in combination with the bold, decorative typeface is balanced well to create more of a visually dynamic style and design outcome.

Really highly detailed in terms of the highlighting and shadowing of this visual design- love the way that the food has been built up in a styalised and highly-considered way to form the shape of the individual letterforms within the word- a style I am considering for my own type as image design for the quote 'It certainly has nothing to do with the number of birds'- the design development of which can be found on my Design Practice blog. Great minimal colour palette used too!

Again- a highly styalised and well- drawn cursive and pattern-driven type as image design- proof here how effective hand-rendered styles of type can be when thought through, developed and measured up within an existing typeface shape and style.

Perhaps my favourite of all of the designs on this post- I just really love the simplicity in this design in terms of visual communication- whilst still incredibly well designed and styled (again, a great colour palette and use of texture) it is undoubtedly one of the most easily read and understood- yet still maintaining the perfect 
balance of form AND function.

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