Saturday, 21 January 2012

Image//Type as Image//I wish I could//Fairytale book covers.

(All images sourced from various links from Google Images)

Looking for inspiration for my design development from various sources of vintage and traditional typeface and hand-rendered lettering on the covers of fairy tale books to look at the colour palettes, as well as the calligraphic styles and methods of production (foil blocking, for example, being quite a popular embellishment- and using metallic colours to add a sense of regality and prestige)- the image of the book cover (directly above), for example, giving me an idea to perhaps print onto buckram? To give a sort of tactile aesthetic- as well as representing a book cover- would this be visually representative/clear enough? Something to definitely try out- for more design developments with this idea, and the rest of the week's brief- see my Design Practice blog.

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