Saturday, 21 January 2012

Image//Type as Image//I wish I could//Magic show typefaces.

(All images sourced from various links on Google Images)

More source inspiration and research- this time looking at magic show posters for inspiration in terms of both colour and illustrative type. Above and below, a great selection of designs, which really reminded me of old French cinema, stage and screen posters which I just love- with bold, decorative type in a woodblock/screenprinted- like style. Perhaps not as elaborate and calligraphic as I was first imagining with the more fairy- tale like type, but a good source of inspiration nevertheless- and definitely something to keep my mind open to- particularly in terms of the colour palette, composition and printing style.

If I don't progress with this sort of style within this module, it's certainly something I would like to return to- these designs have got me really inspired to try out my own Parisian-vintage like outcomes, with just a hint of magic.

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