Saturday, 21 January 2012

Image//Type as Image//Birds//Edwyn Collins.

Posted below are illustrative samples from a collective works and study of British birds draw by 80's singer and former 'Orange Juice' front man (as well as a personal childhood hero, 'Never met a girl like you before' was mine and my sisters favourite from a young age...) Edwyn Collins.
After suffering a series of major cerebral hemorrhages in 2005, Collins spent a long period of time in the neurological  rehabilitation centre in London's Royal Free Hospital, learning how to walk and talk once more. 
During this time, Collins took up pencil and paper, and as part of his own personal treatment began to sketch British birds (one a day) to take his mind off his treatment and the aftermath of his illness- producing a stunning set of sketches and observational designs which have gone on to be published, as well as being sold as wallpaper in Westminster's famous retail store, 'Liberty'.
I really love the series of designs shown below- great spontaneity and texture in them- which definitely remind me of the work I used to create in college, but seem to have strayed from at Uni (probably due to a slight lack in confidence with my hand-rendered work), so it'll be a great chance to revisit that. Again, I love the textures- another great source of inspiration for my own type as image designs.

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