Sunday, 25 March 2012

Image//Image FMP//Presentation pack ideas.

Starting to research print and format ideas for my Academy Award presentation pack- and innovative ways in which information and printed media could be portrayed or presented, with consideration for a 'History of the Academy Awards' book, a 'Top films to see' (Academy Award winning films) book (complete with sticker pack) and also two poster designs- one for the Academy Award winning Actresses, and one for the Academy Award winning actors, and how to effectively accomodate these.

"MIrcea & Adina

Octavian Belintan

Wedding invitation screenprinted on a bottle of wine. We used a wine from the year the couple was born, and screenprinted it in gold and white colors."

Really innovative way of portraying information in a fun, innovative and yet still sophisticated and classy way, with a minimal colour palette and high end print finish. Would be quite fitting for the occasion of which I am responding to, but not appropriate enough- definitely something to consider for future projects- could be executed quite easily with a transparent vinyl sticker.

"Hyperactivitypography from A to Z"

I first saw this book around a year ago, and still think it's as brilliant as I did the first time I saw it. Perhaps a little young, and not quite as crisp/contemporary as I would like my publication to be, but with a great use of colour and character design shown in the bold, vector style that I am hoping to achieve throughout. Even as a stand alone publication, the book is expertly crafted and designed, and with the additional "treat" of badges and other print collectables, it brings the design even more to life.

"Cheng-Hao Lee
A book about beauty
zine project / 2012"

 A small but significant detail- I love Cheng-Hao Lee's consideration in the reverse print effect of this book bind, whereupon the inside fold of the pages are in a rainbow gradient- creating a really bold and stunning effect when the book is both flat and unfolded (as shown in the last image of the series). Again, a really small detail that can make a big difference- definitely worth considering the finer print finishes for my own design outcomes to achieve a high-end and sophisticated visual outcome.

Researching through several books taken out at the LCA Blenheim Walk library for packaging and print inspiration. A few potential ideas, but nothing really grabbed me in terms of being that interesting or engaging, or even appropriate to my high end subject matter, and aspirations for my design outcome...more researching required...

Whilst considering design ideas and printed outcomes, previously researched, I thought about the awards ceremony itself, and remembered the novelty that nominees and winners receive "goody bags" at the before/after show parties- definitely something I could work around! I really liked the idea of creating a presentation pack that was perhaps a little more different or exciting than a standard box, and this fits the bill perfectly- time to start designing now!

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