Sunday, 1 April 2012

PPD//Business card research.

Again, looking into further research and examples of print-based self promotion in the form of business cards, acting as a source of inspiration for my own developments for self-branding, which can be found on my personal and professional development blog.

Looking at existing designs to inspire my own ideas, and certain elements of which I could incorporate, or use as inspiration within my own design outcomes.

Love the printed presentation of these film-ticket like business cards which are perforated on the reel. A really smart, innovative and creative idea (not bad for space saving either!) with a simple one colour print which is overlaid on a variety of colour stocks to help ensure the designs are eye-catching and bold.

With many examples already researched, I really love the minimal one colour plus stock and duplex effect on this business card print job. The simple, vector style and structured format works really effectively for a bold and memorable design. Just my cup of tea.

Great use of layout, type and minimal colours used, again, in the printed business card of Derek Chan. Simplicity and minimalism in design is something that I've grown quite fond of in the past two years of study, and I'm sure will continue to pursue within my own design practice- so having a style, such as this, which reflects my own design work, is something that I'm really trying to aim for- as first impressions are, of course, everything.

A great use of a flooded spot colour for these business cards for 'Brandify'. A really attention-grabbing yet minimal use of colour which is certainly memorable and effective whilst still remaining low-key and sophisticated. Definitely the sort of style that I will be hoping to achieve, but perhaps slightly more fun- hopefully reflecting my own ambitions for my design practice in a really light-hearted and playful manner (whilst still, hopefully, maintaining professionalism).

I really like the unique cut and shape for the 'The Chop Shop' business card design in a banner-like format, with a great mix of typefaces for an edgy and contemporary design. Really different and memorable- designing a business card like this would be a lot of fun.

Love the bold use of the yellow print job, emboss and duplex effects on this business card for Kate Murphy- in a really simple, yet luxurious design. As both my favourite colour, and one that I feel reflects my personality quite well, I'm really keen to somehow incorporate yellow into my designs, and perhaps having it as the main feature whilst the rest is relatively minimal. 

Love the typeface logo design and blind embossing used in these monochrome designs for 'filthy', topped off with a bold, contemporary turquoise spot colour, really cool, simple, and high-impact. Lots of love for this.

Love the concept development and vector simplicity created for the business cards of TV Editor, Natalie Ebnet. Really clever use of visual communication and relative imagery for a playful and memorable design, with a unique format (square) and bold, flooded spot colour (purple reverse) that certain wouldn't get lost easily!

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