Monday, 19 March 2012

Design Practice II//YCN/Graze//Allotinabox.

I was sent a link today by friend and fellow BAGDer, Sarah, who was reminded of the Graze box and the brief that Charlie and I are working on for the YCN competition brief. Although a slightly different contents and subject matter, this design has really inspired me. I love the combination of typefaces and the bold, vibrant branding and colours inside the box which really bring it to life when opened- and with inspiration to perhaps adopt a few of the elements of the box within our own designs (see the progress of which on our Design Practice blog)- such as the sticker, as oppossed to the cellophane wrap, which is a much more subtle "security tab", and with our products (boxes) being distributed by hand or bought through vending machines, we need not worry about the security element quite as much as we may of otherwise had to.

This has made me really re consider what we are doing and where we are at with the project. I don't think it's a big secret that I'm not all that happy with the outcomes at the moment, and feel that our current five boxes idea may not be really answering the brief- and too far detached from the original requirements. Hopefully, when Charlie is around, I will be able to show him this and we can make a quick turn around, or mutual decision on what we are going to do. I propose that we incorporate all elements (chosen such as 'energy', 'sweet tooth', etc) into one box for a balanced meal that can appeal to all- creating much more of a brand identity in the process.

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