Friday, 2 March 2012

Design Practice II//YCN//'The Fruit Box' Competitor Research.

Another small company, much like 'Get Baked' which is local to Charlie and I (based in Leeds) is 'The Fruit Box', with a company mission and business/market plan very similar to Graze's own- also targeting the office and work place target market, which Charlie and I have decided to continue with and design specifically with in mind.

For our promotional campaign, Charlie and I had discussed the ways in which we could encourage companies to invest in office and workplace Graze boxes- largely for health and nutritional benefits (leading to less sick days, more profitability for the company) as well as general company bonding and wellbeing- which 'The Fruit Box' here have also noted upon, and described the benefits of ordering their product(s)- also offering a 4 week introductory phases for their fruit deliveries, which I believe is a great idea and a really good incentive- a "try before you buy" which would definitely be worth considering and proposing to Graze within our design outcomes.

A good range of products, and a clear, direct company proposal (though their branding could be quite a lot sharper and more contemporary...) 'The Fruit Box', and their distribution/business plan is a great example of what we should be aiming to achieve with our Graze redesign and proposals.

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