Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Design Practice II//YCN/Graze//QR Codes.

As an integral part of our design promotion for the working lunch campaign for Graze, Charlie and I were keen to ensure that the links between the product and the online resource were still kept- and felt that QR codes on print media would work really well- either on mailshot booklets and distributed media, or perhaps even the packaging itself.
Although I'm aware of QR codes, ashamedly, not being smart phone savvy (grandma in a twenty year olds body...) I'd never designed one, or scanned one before (with the aid of a smart phone).
Luckily, I found this great site on line which translates URLs into QR codes instant. In the image below, I used the example of the Graze homepage, though Charlie and I intend to make a mock up promotional site for the Graze working lunch campaign- and I will then go on to create a specific QR code to link to this page.

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