Sunday, 11 March 2012

Design Practice II//YCN/Graze//Colour psychology of orange.

Having experimented more with different variations of green tones and shades for the rebrand of the Graze box (developments of which can be found on my Design Practice blog), I still wasn't happy with the outcome that was being achieved and felt, and that the colour palette looked a little too bland and boring.
Considering other colours, as suggested in the feedback session last week with two other groups working on various other YCN briefs, I decided to look at using the colour orange. I felt this would be well suited to the colouring of the products that Graze deliver- with more autumnal, natural colouring (such as their bombay mix, dried mango, etc) and felt that this colour consistency and continuation could work quite well- though I was unsure as to how this would translate as a natural, wholesome brand image and identity.

I decided to read a little more into the psychology of the colour (a subject which I'm quite interested in, and I believe is invaluable in terms of branding and identity design) orange and it's associations, and it sounds perfect for the Graze brand- stimulating, associated with health foods (pumpkins, squash, oranges), rejuvenating, playful. 
Definitely going to put this new idea to Charlie tomorrow morning, along with a couple of basic design ideas to see what he thinks to experimenting with the colour for the potential rebrand and marketing/promotional design campaign.

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