Sunday, 11 March 2012

Image//D&AD & Rain//Fun things to do when it's raining.

Whilst searching for general conceptual inspiration for my design outcomes for the D&AD/Rain Image brief, I decided to simple head over to Google and look for 'Fun things to do in the rain', inspired by my brainstorm idea of the quote 'Things to do on a rainy day'- lots of great examples- like painting in the rain, splashing in puddles, etc. I particularly liked the idea of water fights, and beginning to think of visual outcomes, felt that the idea of water pistols and Super Soakers could be really fun and playful, though it wasn't very representative of Britain or rain- more of a hot summers day, so I didn't really feel it was appropriate.
However, I am quite happy with my concept and development of the Gene Kelly/Singin' in the Rain design, and will continue to pursue this (design developments of which can be found on my Design Practice blog).

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