Sunday, 11 March 2012

Image//D&AD & Rain//Singin' in the Rain film poster interpretations.

As well as looking at original posters from the MGM 'Singin' in the Rain' poster designs, I also wanted to look at other designer's interpretations of the film, and how I could potentially utilise their designs for my own inspriations. As expected- lots of minimal, crisp designs- really playing upon the famous scene with Gene Kelly dancing in the rain (the scene which is most commonly loved and remembered from the film)-  lots of umbrellas and experimentations with type as image which work subtly, but really well. 
From the designs blogged and featured on this post, my two particular favourites (as marked with an *) are for the Quincy music theatre- a simple, yet bold and unique contrast of the black and yellow colours (steering away from the most commonly associated colour of blue) along with the design at the bottom of the post- in an illustrative style, which showcases the various dance moves and positions in Gene Kelly's dance routine- in a similar style to the 'Timewarp' routine in 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'- a really unique and memorable design take- I would love to create something as different and conceptual as this, whilst still being a strong visual association and communicator. 

* (above)

* (above)

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