Thursday, 22 March 2012

Image//Image FMP//Character Design.

As part of my illustrative and editorial image designs for my 'The History of the Academy Awards' Image self initiated brief, something I really want to focus on, and try to develop is my character design through illustrative portraiture, creating a bold, distinctive style that can be carried through the range of printed media that I create including my book, posters, and a sticker set (and more...developments of which can be found on my Design Practice blog). Hopefully, I can work on generating visual outcomes that are really crisp, high-impact, consistent and distinctive of the film scenes and/or actors/characters, etc. 


Although they may not be portraits, I really love the bold, monochromatic stylised line drawings by designer Patrick Seymour. Considered contouring and the stark contrast of the colour palette makes the images a great source of visual communication- bold, high impact, and instantly recognisable as the animals in which he is portraying.


Again, another great example of the effectiveness of contouring in these vector-based portraits by designer Kazu Livingston. Great use of colours and textures to help define the illustrations and give them a much more three-dimensional aesthetic yet still simply styled and created- a style definitely worth considering generating myself, and certainly worth taking inspiration from.


Maybe a bit biased being a huge TRHPS fan, but I really love the detail and minimal colour palette used for this character design illustration by designer Brian Bron. Definitely more decorative than the other designs (and, as a result probably more time consuming), though a style worth considering for my own design practice and inspiration nevertheless- another great source of visual communication and representation of the Tim Curry's portrayal of Dr. Frankenfurter within the film.

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