Thursday, 22 March 2012

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Starting to research contemporary editorial design and layout to potentially take inspiration from for my own designs for my 'History of the Academy Awards' presentation pack printed designs.
For me, this was a great opportunity to try and work more with Editorial design- although, of course, I chose Image over Type (which works with Editorial design in much more focus and detail) it is still a medium that I am really interested in, and would love to find more about and to improve my skills with.
My intentions for my printed booklet design are to have a modern, crisp, layout but with a bit of fun and character through illustrative details, and to make it interactive and engaging with my youthful target audience of 18-30 year old film fans.

Below, a few design examples sourced from Behance which I have taken inspiration from, or feel that could reflect the aesthetic I am setting out to achieve well.

B. A. R
Lados Magazine no. 21

A great balance of bold, photographic portraiture and modern, well-structured, grided type and layout by B. A. R for Lados Magazine no. 21- really crisp, clean and high-end, the bright white works wonderfully with the colours used for the photo shoot backdrops- something I could really consider emulating for my own illustrative outcomes.

The Universe

I love the combination of minimal type and photographic images in the publication 'The Universe' by designer Amanda Mocci- great idea for the origami fold spine in both it's construction and photographic print- something quite different and eye catching which would certainly make it stand out on a shelf- small details really worth considering when putting together my own publication.

Volture Magazine

A lot of great design features in this publication, Volture Magazine, by Daniel Siim Studio- a great deal of variation between the layouts on the pages which helps to keep it engaging and eye catching, whilst the bold monochrome colour palette still helps to ensure that the style is kept consistent enough to be read within the same publication- including delicately hand rendered type and B&W portraiture- a really interesting mixture of designs which has inspired me to be a little more experimental within my own design outcomes.

Sensus Design Factory Zagreb
Croatian Graphic Triennial Catalog

I really can't get enough of this layout and the illustrative detail on the front of this printed publication, Croatian Graphic Triennial Catalog, by the Sensus Design Factory, Zagreb. The really beautiful, intricate detail on the cover works wonderfully with the monochrome colour palette and the minimal structure and layout- definitely something to aspire to within my own design (but perhaps with a little more colour!). Wonderfully unique and considered design. 


Perhaps my favourite of all of the editorials/publications posted on this blog post, 'THE ROSE No.1' by QUSQUS is seamless, classic and beautiful styled with a very fresh and contemporary use of colour- a balance between flooded colour and monochrome portraiture, and utilising negative space with great style and ease. Really classy and feminine, creating a publication like this, although more appropriate for my subject matter and target audience, would be wonderful. 

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