Monday, 5 March 2012

Design Practice II//YCN//Clare Owen.

Starting to look at inspiration for our own designs for the Graze/YCN outcome, and discussing the potential of creating both hand rendered and screenprinted design, one of my initial thoughts was of Illustrator, Clare Owen, who utilises her talent in hand rendered, vectored and screenprinted designs with great ease and finesse. 
Although I imagine that our outcomes will be much more Graphic in terms of layout, colour application and use of type within our branding designs for Graze, Clare's work is a great example of how effective hand rendered styles can be, and how suited they are for a certain target market (Clare's work also perhaps a little more feminine than we are aiming for in terms of design outcome for our 18-30 year old "gender neutral" audience and target market).
Really like the repeat pattern pot pattern- bold, simple colour choices- definitely more the style that Charlie and I will be aiming for within our own designs.

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