Saturday, 24 March 2012

Image//Image FMP//Academy Awards Graphics & Branding.

Being to make a start into looking at the existing Academy Awards branding, and how they visually communicate the prestigious nature and celebration of the event- discovering that each year, and for each ceremony the event is given a rebrand- in one way or another.
Traditionally, the typeface and styles of branding were of the time, more focused at the grandeur, decorative typefaces with serif detail and foil blocking print finishes.
Nowadays, a much more contemporary aesthetic is more commonly seen and used- with bold, uppercase typefaces (sans serif), yet with the same consistent use of metallic colour palette to represent the luxury, history and achievement of the event. 
Something really simple and high-end would work in my own design developments- currently considering a colour palette of black, white, silver and/or gold for my main designs- with the addition of colour for my character design and illustrations- definitely need to do some experimenting (see my Design Practice blog for design developments).

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