Sunday, 11 March 2012

Image//D&AD & Rain//Paper dolls.

Whilst developing the concept for my 'Singin' in the Rain' poster design, I thought about the idea that, when it rains, we act like Gene Kelly, dancing, skipping, twirling umbrellas (as part of my idea and concept)- and how we "become" him. Whilst browsing through the internet and Google Images (as you do) I (I don't even know how I ended up there...) found this image (above) of a very fun 1980's style paper doll cut out- and it gave me a great idea to create this sort of style for my poster- creating a character with all the distinct, visual elements from the scene, as if they could be cut out and placed on the character- therefore becoming Gene Kelly, fitting to my concept.

Looking further into contemporary paper dolls, I found some great design work- particularly liking the vectored version of Christina Hendrick's 'Mad Men' character, Joan Holloway in a 1950's pin up style, along with the fantastic portfolio of paper dolls created by Kyle Hilton (see below) in which he creates the illustrated version of cultural and pop television icons- some of my favourites being characters from the US hit comedy 'Arrested Development' (my favourite TV show)- a great modern take on the otherwise quite traditional, delicate toys. Great inspiration!

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