Monday, 19 March 2012

Design Practice II//YCN/Graze//Packaging Inspiration.

Stuck in a bit of a rut with the current design process and proposed outcomes for our Graze/YCN design, I decided to search for more ideas for packaging design, hopefully with a little more focus and direction than I would have previously got. I started searching on Behance for design ideas and I found some great sources of inspiration, as blogged below. 

I really love this bold, high-impact brand and identity for the 'Good Food' range. A varying colour palette has been used subtly to distinguish the separate products from one another. The bold, pictogram style icon imagery works really well to help simply illustrate the products further. Crisp, minimal, modern and contemporary- this would fit really well into our working environment, but could perhaps benefit from a little more humour or a sense of fun for our Graze rebrand.

A great range of designs and design-applied products for the 'Uptown' Cafe brand, with added interest in the monochrome colour palette with illustrative type. Again, the simplicity is what makes the branding and identity truly effective and work well together as a range of products, as well as on a variety of stocks.
Branding is something that Charlie and I really need to work on and develop to for a successful project outcome.

Love the designs for this bold and "sweet" packaging for "cookies for dogs"- a simple, illustrative brand identity with subtle changes through the ages of the dog (the progression of life shown through a moustache and then glasses!) for a fun, memorable design. The colours also help to distinguish the different flavours of the treat for an easily visible and recognisable brand identity. Really fun and distinctive character design, utilised very well in this brand.


Great use of texture and combination of type and colour is this simple label design- with influence from South American signage, this design is bold, visually communicative and full of fun and character.

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