Thursday, 22 March 2012

Image//Image FMP//Editorial Illustration.

Starting some initial research of Editorial Illustrations (as researched from various designers on Behance, source links posted below). 
Although I am working largely with Illustration within my self- initial Image brief, I really wanted to focus on having my designs in context, so they would function more as a Graphic Design piece, aside from just Illustration alone, therefore, I felt that an Editorial style would work really effectively, with DPS or flooded page images alongside film information such as summaries, actor list, star ratings, trivia, etc (to make a well-rounded and concise guide). 

Linked below are a couple of my most recent "favourites" in editorial design that I consider to be a great influence for my design practice and outcomes throughout the rest of the project and my deliverables. 

Dan Matutina

I really love the use of texture overlays in Dan Matutina's 'fabLe' series- it add so much more character than flat vectors and a really distinctive style within his portfolio series. Also, a great consideration for muted colours which give the images a slightly aged appearance which works perfectly with the subject matter he is illustrating. 

Illustrations for The Economist
Neil Webb

Love the bold, illustrative editorial designs used in Neil Webb's designs for The Economist magazine. Again, a great use of mid-range tones and shades for spot colours used alongside monochrome details which make his designs really pop, yet still looking bold and sophisticated with the high-impact, bold Editorial design style that The Economist is so renowned for.

Jason Hill

As a big fan of icons and pictograms, Jason Hill's simple colour palette vector designs really appeal to my style of working and my own design practice. Perhaps not as detailed as I would like for my portraiture designs for my variety of final outcomes, but a really bold, effective means of visual communication nevertheless. 

Selected Editorial (1)
Neil Webb

My favourite of all the designs- this selective colour palette range by Neil Webb is truly sophisticated and considered. I love the minimal colours in combination with the texture overlays used. Totally classy and chic- reminds me of the opening credits/titles for 'Mad Men'.

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