Friday, 2 March 2012

Design Practice II//Competitor Research//Get Baked.

Looking at other food deliverable services that have reached great popularity and potential within the commercial market- 'Get Baked' are a great example of how a simple concept and idea can be transformed into a great business with a huge fan base and client list (on their Facebook page, 'Get Baked' has a total of over sixteen thousand "likes"). 
Although Get Baked caters for a very minimal market- working and delivering just inside of Leeds but their strong concept, branding and visual identity (along with social and cultural niche appeal- a great benefit in terms of a business PEST analysis) has given them a huge following from humble beginnings. Although a very small, primitive business in terms of their years in operation and employees, 'Get Baked' is a great example of a successful small business. 

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