Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Design Practice II//YCN/Graze//Cutlery.


A small, but reasonably significant part of our design development for the Graze brief outcomes, that Charlie and I have gone on to develop and propose, is cutlery. Due to the formal working environments that we are proposing for the boxes to be largely eaten in (offices) we want to ensure that the food products can be enjoyed without risk of getting office equipment, paper, etc, dirty or spoilt. 
In my initial Graze box, I was given a skewer for the olives, and this gave me the idea to work with Bamboo- and paint dip the ends of the cutlery to, once again, ensure branding consistency- found some good ideas online- Charlie and I have proposed that we create both a spoon and a spork to fulfil all necessary actions for eating the contents of the box (olives can be scooped the the spoon relatively easily). Found a few good examples online- will be using these to trace around and propose for the meanwhile before we hopefully (at the weekend) can purchase some bamboo cutlery to then go on to paint dip ourselves.


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