Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Design Practice II//YCN/Graze//Existing Graze rebrands.

Whilst working on the concept development of the Graze brief, Charlie and I have been having a bit of a snoop around the web to see what other designers have been up to with his Nationally-available brief.
Unsurprisingly, various designer's work has been available to view through self promotion and publishing sites, as well as University blogs like our own, so it's been pleasantly easy to see the work of others.
In the text and images below I have begun to look at a few of the designer's work to analyse what they have done well, and what we could do differently.
One of the major differences is the depth of the brief for our own practice. As a course, we have all been encouraged to work beyond the brief and to THINK BIG, which, after seeing what other designers have produced, I am really excited about. In our circumstance, I feel that we'll be able to produce a much broader scope of designs, which, in the real world, would be very relevant in terms of branding and identity design.

Laura Milton, Year III Graphic Design, Huddersfield Uni.

Sweet, simple design- very focused on the natural aspect through the colour palette and printed stock chosen. Originally, Charlie had consisered the idea of a seed mailout, like the basil leaves in Laura's design. Although I think she has made it work effectively visually and in terms of her media and message, I didn't think (and still don't) it would be appropriate to our own "working lunch" concept development and ideas.

Steve Cavanagh, Graphic Designer, Manchester.

A colour palette similar to the Autumnal shades that Charlie and I have chosen, I really like the vibrancy the addition of these tones have added to the printed designs in Steve Cavanagh's approach to the brief. Personally, for me, despite the logo (which reminds me of 'The Guardian' logo) the style of branding (particularly in terms of colour) isn't as consistent as what I feel is appropriate, again, for our specific target market and promotional concept. Different strokes for different folks! (Or, in this outcomes...)

Chris Mizen, Year III, Cambridge School of Art

Perhaps my favourite of all of the existing Graze briefs from designers posted and sourced in this blog post, Chris Mizen certainly has the most consideration in terms of colour palette (or lack of!... minimal white and stock gets my vote!) and brand consistency. The product still has the natural, environmental appeal whilst certainly looking more like a premium product with design consideration. A couple of personal taste elements for myself that I would change (A little less prominence of the QR codes and serif type for sans serif to look a little more contemporary!) but overall, a good execution that answers the brief well.

Tom McQuillan, Graphic Design, Huddersfield Uni

I really love the screenprinted effect Tom McQuillan has used in his design approach to Graze- one that Charlie and I were strongly considering at the start of the brief- it really adds to the Earthy, environmental ethos and outlook of the company. However, just a personal choice, I wish the grey was slightly lighter in the designs- it dulls the other colours slightly from what could have been a really vibrant and warm colour palette- something that Charlie and I, hopefully, are really going to hone on into.

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