Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Design Practice II//YCN Brief//Graze & Innocent Smoothie adverts.

After Charlie mentioned that Graze, the company that we are rebranding and redesigning the packaging for for the YCN brief (see my Design Practice blog for more information) had an advertisement video available to view online, I went onto Vimeo to source it and was really surprised at the similarities it shared with the original Innocent Smoothie adverts- clearly inspired with the stop motion and hand-rendered elements of the design. As a market competitor, I'm not too surprised that Graze would go for a similar aesthetic to such a successful company as Innocent, and we ourselves are researching into the company for inspiration in terms of their branding success- however, we need to find ways to make Graze truly original and stand out from it's competitors, not simply 
to be an imitation.

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