Saturday, 22 September 2012

Design Practice III//Negotiated Briefs//Lulu & The Lens Questionnaire.

At the start of my research process, when working with each of the proposed clients on live branding briefs, I sent each a short questionnaire to try and get an initial overview of both their view of their portfolio, their design taste, as well as their own personality.

Below, the initial responses from photographer, Lulu Peddar of 'Lulu & The Lens', offering an insight into her professional practice, and helping to kick start some of the research I have been posting in the past couple of weeks.

From this, I'll explore potential design and concept developments, all of which will be posted on my Design Practice blog.



1. How would you describe your style of photography?

I would describe it as reportage, fly on the wall, vintage/fresh.

2. What first made you interested in pursuing photography as both a hobby and a career?

I studied it at Uni and started to practice it 3yrs ago. It was a way of processing my feelings and how I perceive the world. It 

3. What are your ambitions for the future of your photography practice?

I would like to be a successful portrait/lifestyle photographer (with flexible work & travel) mainly booked for portrait sessions, shoots and the odd wedding (say 6-7 a year). 

4. In your portfolio, which images are your favourite, and why?

The images that convey pure emotion, where the subject is unaware of me being there.

5. From a brand perspective, which company brand aesthetics do you admire?

I love Cath Kidston & Belle and Boo from a company/brand perspective.

6. Which photographic designers do you particularly admire?

I'm not very savvy with photographic desginers but I love the people who designed Emma Case Photography's website!

7. How would you summarise your attitude to your design portfolio and professional practice?

Vintage, notebook style, thoughtful and romantic.


- Please could you send links to all existing networking/online portfolio sites.

- Please send a list of all branding/products (print/digital) that you would like to be produced for further discussion (business cards, stationary, etc.)

I would like a logo with incorporated with the name of my business 'Lulu and the Lens', business cards and cards to leave a note with my logo for clients when sending them their photos/products.

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