Friday, 21 September 2012

Design Practice III//Negotiated Briefs//Lulu & The Lens Photography & Cath Kidston Website.

As I continue to develop my research and consider potential design developments for the Lulu & The Lens Photography brand identity project, I've returned to the Cath Kidston website to look for design potential. 

From researching existing photography branding (particularly business cards), in the more wedding/lifestyle photography genre, there seems to be little variation in terms of style- usually quite classic, serif typefaces with the "stand out" photograph from the portfolio being used as the brand image. However, from the print and pattern nature of the items from the Cath Kidston retail brand range, pattern is used throughout the website in a look- book way quite cleverly, and a hand-rendered pattern could work quite effectively to accompany Lulu's existing work.

A lot more research and experimentation before I settle on any ideas, but very interesting to see the mix of pattern, photography and type, and something that I will certainly look at exploring further at a later date.

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