Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Design Practice III//Negotiated Briefs//LCA Graduate Show & Jessie Leong.

Whilst discussing potential developments and the future of working together on the LCA Graduate Show 2013, yesterday Claudia and I discussed the potential prospect of working with various medias for the branding and promotional designs. In recent years, something that has been particular popular with both the University marketing team, and from our own personal tastes, has been the use of portraiture photography. 

Although photography is something that I have a little experience in, particularly working on it whilst at college and as a personal hobby in my free time, it would be great it we could further the collaboration and have a really high-end and professional design outcome. 

Naturally, due to an existing collaboration, one of my first thoughts was to work with Jessie Leong, the second year LCA photography student with whom I am currently working on to develop her own personal branding. Jessie's eye of popping, bright studio photography would work perfectly with a strong conceptual narrative and branding, and, at this stage though only provisional, we have been lucky enough for Jessie to confirm that she'd be interested in working with us, so we can plan and look forward to getting started with some development and conceptual "brainstorming" for the future collaborative competition brief.

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