Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Design Practice III//Negotiated Briefs//Orange Juice & James Kirk.

All biography information in regards to Orange Juice's original guitarist/songwriter/vocalist, James Kirk, are from the independent Last FM source page.


James Kirk first came to prominence as guitarist and occassional singer of early eighties indie hopes Orange Juice. 

Soon after Orange Juice’s acclaimed debut album ‘You Can’t Hide Your Love For Ever’ both Kirk and drummer Steven Daly were fired from the band and the duo went on to form their own group, Memphis, releasing one single ‘You Supply The Roses, I’ll Supply The Wine’ before Kirk disappeared from the music scene for an extended period, so the rumours would have us believe, working in a chiropody practice in his native city of Glasgow. 

The early 90’s saw Kirk re-emerge, contributing song credits and guitar playing as a member of Paul Quinn’s Independent Group, who released two albums on the reactivated Postcard label before Kirk, characteristically, vanished once again.

With the exception of the odd low key guest appearance with Future Pilot AKA (former BMX Bandit and Soup Dragon, Sushil K. Dade) Kirk was effectively lost to music until his surprise return (some 18 years after the release of his last record) with his belated but excellent debut solo album ‘You Can Make It If You Boogie’ released in 2003.

A proposed tour in support of the album with Glaswegian acolytes Belle & Sebastian fell through and Kirk once again melted away.

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