Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Design Practice III//Negotiated Briefs//Jessie Leong & Editorial Photography (Layouts).

Throughout my research for the preparation of design developments for the branding brief of photography student, Jessie Leong, one of my initial concepts was to develop a printed publication, which would act as a magazine to showcase Jessie's portraiture work in an editorial, high-end format which is appropriate to her industry and aspirations within it.

Creating an annual or bi-annual edition of the magazine would ensure that Jessie's work could be documented throughout the years as almost an annual would be, and could easily and effectively be sent to clients, prospective clients, potential employees and studios for potential industry experience.

It's certainly something I'll take up with Jessie over the next couple of weeks. It would definitely be a challenge in terms of both my current experience and time-consuming, but it's something I think would be incredibly effective, and that I'd really like to pursue further.

For more examples of my research, and where the concept, I have show several sourced and linked existing projects from various designers/studios in the images below, which capture a high-end and creative editorial design.

Redesign of Danish photography magazine Filter.
School assignment 2011

The mission of the photography magazine FILTER is to discuss the effect of photography on our daily lives: on our ways of thinking, of creating history and politics, of constructing a society and undertaking scientific research, of being creative and producing art.

- Torsten Lindsø Andersen


Corpo a Corpo Magazine // Beauty Editorial

Layout created whilst working for Corpo a Corpo Magazine (Escala Publisher), Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Juliana Martinhago

Image Source

Upstreet Magazine: Men's Fashion, Arts & Culture

Editorial re-design

-The Design Surgery


Palladium Magazine: Men's Fashion, Arts & Culture

Design and layout for men's high end arts, culture and lifestyle magazine

- The Design Surgery

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