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Design Practice III//Negotiated Briefs//Jessie Leong Questionnaire.

Kate Moss for British Vogue, styled in Alexander McQueen for the Olympics Closing Ceremony, photographed by Nick Knight


A couple of weeks ago, I send out a questionnaire to student photographer, Jessie Leong, to give me a brief overview of her work, personal interests, and tastes as I progressed with the research and brand development as one of my ten negotiated briefs, written questions and answers can be found below, and all developments in terms of my design practice and branding will be posted on my Design Practice blog.



1. How would you describe your style of photography?
My style of photography led- it tends to lend itself to celebrating and empowering the woman.

2. What are the major sources of inspiration within your work?

I love the photography of Nick Knight- his work is very diverse both in fashion and commercially. I particularly like what he did for the Olympics where his photographs went up on the trucks which revealed the models inside. 

I'd like to see a platform for my work where I could show the different ways of showing my work- so a part where I can see prints, a part where I could see it in a gallery walls/magazines- but link it all together so it flows from one to another.

3. What are your ambitions for your future career?

To see my work in Vogue Magazine- my name in the Bodini Capital font in the editorial section in the magazine. Oh and maybe to be a Hot Air Balloon Pilot!

4. What are your favourite project(s) you have worked on so far?
My most recent project which was very ambitious over a very short period of time. It gave me some strict perimeters- but I felt like I had a lot of focus. I did a photoshoot at Ikley Pool shoot and "released" images over Facebook. The feedback was amazing, with the set of images receiving over 200 likes altogether. I'd love to harness Facebook and a website as a more complete entity. I like working with friends and it'd be great if I could have a part of my website which is linked with the idea of "my little black book"- if they wanted to share their info I could have my contacts on there. They're my people- but it helps promote the people I work with.

5. From a brand perspective, which companies brand aesthetics do you admire?

I love the classicism of Chanel. Their ambition and the way they can deconstruct classical elements, such as mythology and fantasy and make it very clean and modern and yet a subtle nod to the past is something I really admire. I also like the fantasy of their shows. Tim Walker is a photographer who seems to use set design in a big way for his shoots which lend a lovely fairytale feel to them.

Chanel Womenswear

Some quotes I googled of Chanel's philosophy:

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different"

Coco Chanel 

"I am not young but I feel young. The day I feel old, I will go to bed and stay there. J'aime la vie! I feel that to live is a wonderful thing"

Coco Chanel 

6. Which photographers/designers do you particularly admire?

Miles Aldridge- that kind of modern artificial-ness is very contemporary- although I wouldn't go that far.
Mert and Marcus Piggot- feels quite narrative based.

As an inspiration in style and looks, I love Lana del Rey- she is so fresh.

7. How would you summarise your attitude to your design portfolio and professional practice?

I feel like my portfolio needs to be something very up to date and also something finished and something which is a business card to my employers. Accesible by anyone but something that has a sense of exclusivity about it. I also feel like at the moment I am still exploring the realms of the photography sector in terms of finding out what I want to do. It's probably a mix between fashion/portrait.commercial work, and on the other side, I also have a strong conceptual background which sometimes sits quite separately. 


Please could you send links to all existing networking/online portfolio sites


Please send an example(s) of photographic inspiration online

Please send a list of all branding/products (print/digital) that you would like to be produced for further discussion (business cards, stationary, etc).

Good for beauty/fashion.
Definitely more commercial, I like this.
Colourful, commercial, but maybe a little gimmicky- bigger boxes needed so it doesn’t look too “much”.

I like Rankin’s front page the way the handrwriting kind of spells out the name- which is so iconic- and the different categories and projects below- very centralised but nice welcome page? Also like the play off between handwritten and crisp text.

This is pretty “strong” in terms of lots of stuff going on, but I love the chunky text, feels very young and powerful.

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