Saturday, 22 September 2012

Design Practice III//Negotiated Briefs//Lulu & The Lens & Belle & Boo Branding.

Whilst discussing potential design and branding inspiration with Lulu of Lulu & The Lens Photography for her print and digital branding outcomes, she cited 'Belle & Boo' as a particular inspiration. 
Although unaware of the brand name and identity, when I went onto the site I instantly recognised the famed children's illustrations and the Parisian- inspired typographic brand design, which, to me, is so reflective of Lulu's sophisticated, elegant and traditional portfolio and personality.

Looking through some of the branding and products, as well as the detailed illustrative designs by author Mandy Sutcliffe, and learning a little more about the background of characters, 'Belle & Boo', I've learnt that the design style was inspired by her time in Paris, much like Lulu's influence upon Parisian-chic style photography, undoubtedly inspired by her family in Northern France and her own bob haircut. With a personality and portfolio so reflective of this elegant, romantic French style, it's an avenue I'd be really keen to explore and potentially develop further, gaining inspiration from both the nation's typographic and overall branding design outcomes.  

After a little more research development and writing out the initial brief and rationale, I'll go on to develop some initial design ideas and concepts, all of which will be found on my Design Practice blog.

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