Thursday, 27 September 2012

Design Practice III//Negotiated Briefs//Printer Research.

Over the past couple of days, and from last week, I have been starting to collect a selection of sample stock from various printers around the UK, in order to hopefully build up potential resources and future contacts for various design projects that I work on both personally and professionally throughout the year.

Through the post, I've had a selection of prints from Saxo Print, Motion and Newstyle, all of quite a good, consistent quality and affordable prices, so something I will definitely consider and keep in store for when I approach the final stages of my Design Practice III and FMP briefs for this year. Also, I was fortunate enough yesterday to have been introduced to 'Footprint' printers, by a fellow degree student, who locally source sustainable, recycled papers, which is something, as alluded to in my presentation (and will in my dissertation) for Level 06, on my PPD blog, is something I really want to strive to this year, to become a far more ethical and responsibly sourcing- print designer, and would really love to learn more about soy/vegetable ink printing, along with sourcing recycled papers throughout this year, all of which I will document on both my Design Context and Design Practice blogs.

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