Monday, 17 September 2012

Design Practice III//Negotiated Briefs//Orange Juice & Steven Daly.

As part of my research into the 1980's band, Orange Juice, for my chosen negotiated brief to propose the promotional design of a hypothetical reunion tour. As part of this, I have gone on to look at each of the careers of the musicians of the band since this time, in this post looking at drums/percussionist, Steven Daly. Although little information is available about Daly online, all information below is sourced for the Dangerous Minds web page.


As you will detect from his charming accent, DMRH debutant Steven Daly isn’t from around these parts: He’s from Glasgow, although these days he lives in New York’s allegedly fashionable outer borough of Brooklyn and works as a contributing editor for Vanity Fair magazine. Steven’s first tentative steps up the glass mountain we call show-business were as the drummer for Orange Juice, a band that is frequently accused of “inventing” indie-rock. Next week Orange Juice are nominated in the box-set category of the Mojo Awards in London, alongside the like of the Kinks, Eric Clapton and David Bowie. Good luck, Steve. Let us know how you get on against that competition!

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