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Design Practice III//Negotiated Briefs//Orange Juice, General Information.

Researching general information for an overview and "flavour" of the band before beginning intensive research in both the history of the band and potential design directions for the hypothetical tour promotional print and digital brief.


1. Glaswegian

2. Scottish

3. Post- punk

4. John Peel

5. Top of the Pops

6. Rip it Up

7. Edwyn Collins

8. Synthesizer

9. 1980's

10. Indie

11. Nu- Wave

12. Guitar

13. Saxophone solo (Rip it Up)

14. Teenage

15. Progressive

16. Independent

17. Polydor Records

18. Nu- Sonics

19. Falling and Laughing

20. Brixton Academy

21. Solo (Careers)

22. The Glasgow School

23. Coals to Newcastle

24. 1985 (Split)

25. I Can't Help Myself (Just Like the Four Tops)



The majority of images I've sourced are in B&W, which was very well suited to street and music portraiture photography of the time, would work really well as a publication with a vibrant, neon orange (reflecting the band name... keeping it simple, but well styled, and relevant to the era).


Image Source

100% 80's. Very distinctive look for both Edwyn and his contemporaries, notably, perhaps, Morrissey (frontman of 'The Smiths') at the time.


Image Source

Probably my favourite picture of Edwyn from this era, effortlessly cool, stylish and handsome. The eyepatch adds the quirky character that was popular in the mid-80's and Nu Wave/Post- Punk era of the music industry.


Image Source

The full line up, in what was often regarded as their "charity shop chic" look, which, of recent years, has made a prevalent come back in indie and pop-rock bands such as Franz Ferdinand, Bon Iver, and Mumford and Sons.


Image Source



Image Source

One of the single releases from the band, I particularly like the bold, uppercase type used for both the band/brand logo and for the single title itself in the stamped design- giving an almost throw-away, yet personalised touch, definite considerations for later plans and developments in terms of my design collection for the hypothetical reunion tour.


Image Source



Image Source



Image Source

The beautifully printed design for the 'Coals to Newcastle' box set which contained a vast collection of the releases (often described as "exhaustive"), which adds a luxurious and high-end effect for the collectors and fans of the music. This is something I'd certainly like to look at rebranding, however, making the overall design a little more contemporary, as, despite the improvement upon past designs, the 'Coals to Newcastle' 2010, it still looks a little old- fashioned and dated.


Image Source



Image Source

The 'Flesh of my Flesh' single release- so, so 80's in the scrapbook- like effect of the Graphic Design, definitely looking for something a little more modern and contemporary, perhaps using the typographic elements or colours to represent the history and era of music which they represented. 


Image Source



Image Source



Image Source


Image Source


Image Source


Image Source







Image Source


Image Source



1. "Orange Juice's charm was bound up with the fact that they sounded spindly and ramshackle by comparison with most early 80s pop, and looked deeply weird in their plastic sandals, cravats and tweeds: in every sense of the phrase, they offered a kind of charity-shop Chic. Collins's voice was an acquired taste: he sounded not unlike a tipsy man launching into an after-dinner speech with his mouth still full of port and walnuts."- Alex Petridis, Coals to Newcastle review for The Guardian, Quote Source.

2. "Recent mentions of the early 1980s Scottish band are generally shaped around the notion that they're the most direct ancestor of fellow countrymen Franz Ferdinand, and that they also did bands like Belle and Sebastian no small favors. Some have even suggested that they're one of the key antecedents for the indie pop/rock aesthetic-- in particular, the strain that trades in jangly, shambolic guitars, a healthy obsession with the Velvet Underground, and self-deprecating lyrics."- Scott Planghoef, The Glasgow School review for Pitchfork, Quote Source.

3. "Collins himself often wore his broken heart on his sleeve, but unlike other more diaristic or shoulder-slouched writers of his kind (Morrissey, Stuart Murdoch, Sufjan Stevens), he shrugged or laughed off his troubles. Collins' confessionals aren't a liturgy of woes, but of what he may feel is either sage advice or honest self-examination: "Avoid eye contact at all costs," "Only my dreams satisfy the real beat of my heart," "I'm not afraid of saying I'm close to tears." Collins' mixture of indie woe and soul/disco sonically matched his desire "to take the pleasure with the pain"-- he'd already had the pain in his life and songs, why not seek out the pleasure as well?"- Scott Planghoef, The Glasgow School review for Pitchfork, Quote Source.

4. "As suave as Edwyn Collinsis, it still helps to have a few catchy rhythms or melodies tucked away somewhere to hold interest. Three or four of this album's songs are average sounding, but earlier work from Orange Juice presents the band in a much more upbeat atmosphere."- Rovi, The Orange Juice, for AllMusic, Quote Source.

5. "It's all great - jangly and joyful stuff - though 'Moscow'/'Moscow Olympics' and 'Blokes on 45' are more curios, the rest is classic stuff."- Jason Parkes, Amazon Review for The Glasgow School, Quote Source.

6. "Guaranteed to put a smile on your face."- dorsetdonkey, Amazon Review for The Glasgow School, Quote Source.

7. "Orange Juice had everything - charm, playfulness, self-deprecating humour, fringes, jangly guitars and sexiness at a time when Independent music was all doom and gloom and only to be taken Very Seriously Indeed."- Oliver Twist, Amazon Review for The Glasgow School, Quote Source.

8. "Swoonworthy and recommended without hesitation."- Mr. I. Steven, Amazon Review for The Glasgow School, Quote Source.

9. "This music didn't feel revolutionary at the time - it just felt great and right. Still does, although I can see it probably was the birth of Indie etc. & dont forget, Edwyn's tongue was firmly, knowingly in cheek."- GrimsbyCymru, Amazon Review for The Glasgow School, Quote Source.

10. "This album is quite possibly the greatest thing ever made. Packed full of musical brilliance and outstanding lyrical genius, it mesmerises the listener into a world of wonderful music after the 1st listen."- Will Page, Amazon Review for The Glasgow School, Quote Source.

11. "One of my all time favourite bands of the eighties. Produced great music with a difference."- Refresher, Amazon Review for The Glasgow School, Quote Source.

12. "This album contains some absolutely 'back to basics' classics - raw (almost amateurish?) playing at times, but backed with a great sense of melody and urgency."- Keith M, Amazon Review for The Glasgow School, Quote Source.

13. "A brilliant insight into the work of Edwyn Collins and Orange Juice."- Bobble, Amazon Review for The Glasgow School, Quote Source.

14. "It is impossible to overstate the importance of Orange Juice, and even though part of their project was to puncture the pomp and seriousness of the rock canon, they must now be regarded as an enormously significant band which proved pivotal not once but twice. First, in providing a bridge between dour post-punk and the shiny early-80s "new pop" of ABCHeaven 17 et al; and then in pointing a way out of that funky cul de sac by re-embracing guitar music, just as The Smiths were asserting their faith in classic rock principles at the height of new romantic synthmania. "- Paul Lester, Coals to Newcastle, for BBC Music, Quote Source.

15. "Orange Juice will remain a heartening yet ultimately throwaway excursion into the middle class inanity of an ethos that became a codified genre."- Daniel Baker, Coals to Newcastle for The Quietus, Quote Source.

16. "It may be heresy to some to say it, but Orange Juice may well end up being this generation's Velvet Underground. During VU's brief career, they didn't sell many records, but their influence was felt by many. And much like the Velvets, Orange Juice's albums have been out-of-print at some time or another, meaning that their influence was grown from the underground, from home taping and borrowed copies, from LPs played and heard once at parties and never forgotten."- Domino, The Glasgow School for Stylus, Quote Source.

17. "An album whose bold melodies and subversive experimentalism still sound good, years on."- Anthony Carew, Orange Juice (Rip it Up), for About.Com (Entertainment/Alternative Music), Quote Source.

18. "If you like smart, yearning lyrics, The Modern Lovers, sharp guitars and post-punk bass-lines then buy their first record."- Kicking Against the Pricks, All About: Orange Juice, Quote Source.

19. "Although the material on COALS TO NEWCASTLE covers a relatively short amount of time, it’s worth noting that the band tinkered with quite a few stylistic variations in their short life; most notable among the genteel pop numbers are the tracks where Orange Juice’s post-punk pedigree shines."- Jason Feurgson, Coals to Newcastle,  for Notable Noise, Quote Source.

20. "The album is very difficult to get hold of. The music brings back memories of youth."- H. Noble, Amazon Review for The Esteemed (The Very Best of) Orange Juice, Quote Source.

21. "This compilation will have to suffice for those of you wishing to sample some of the most inventive and brilliant music of the early 80's."- A Customer, Amazon Review for The Esteemed (The Very Best of) Orange Juice, Quote Source.

22. "The contrast between the irrestible tunes and the offbeat, sometimes melancholic but always intelligent lyrics was at the heart of the Orange Juice (and Edwyn Collins) experience, and probably the reason why he's never received the plaudits and commercial success his talent deserves"- Jim Marshall, Amazon Review for You Can't Hide Your Love Forever, Quote Source.

23. "Collins's lyrics, though filled with wit and imagination, are totally honest and believable, as he paints these portraits of boredom and unrequited love against a backdrop of arcades, discos and cafeterias."- Jonathan James Romley, Amazon Review for You Can't Hide Your Love Forever, Quote Source.

24. "The tunes just soar and sway beautifully and it all adds up to pop music at its very very, unpolished best."- Darryl Still, Amazon Review for You Can't Hide Your Love Forever, Quote Source.

25. "Edwyn's vocals are uniquely heartfelt."- A Customer, Amazon Review for You Can't Hide Your Love Forever, Quote Source.

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